Killing of oppositions supporters has cast dark cloud over Zambia – Bishop Kazhila

Killing of oppositions supporters has cast dark cloud over Zambia – Bishop Kazhila

Bishop-KahilaNo matter what Inspector General of Police and others may say to justify the brutal murder of Mapenzi Chibulo by police in Lusaka on Friday 8th July it remains too hard for any reasonable Zambian to accept such explanations because the police’s atrocities seemed like a deliberate and calculated way possibly meant to instill fear in the general citizenry. This death is very painful not only the family but to all rational people and therefore cannot be justified by defensive rhetoric propagandas from anyone because opening live fire to kill was not only wrong and barbaric but it was uncalled for and very avoidable.

Looking at the picture before they were gunned down Mapenzi and the young man seemed to be fleeing from the scene of confusion and they had no weapons in their possession to qualify them for such police action. So why did police exhibit such cruelty because if someone is running away unarmed from the epitome of confusion it is a sign that such a one is already in a weaker position and possibly looking for protection. Since when has running away from a troubled area for safety become a crime in Zambia for police to be gunning down people?

These evil actions by the police and some political carders may seem okay to some people now but they are the very things which can trigger rebellion among people who are considered docile when they feel too pushed to the wall, a thing no one may wish to see in Zambia. God hates violence and the shedding of innocent blood, so all those doing so will account for every blood drop they have shed. I thought we are all constitutionally equal at law with various liberties. If so then there is no one politician or defense force general or police officer who should be too big than the people they are supposed to serve and protect. Why are our leaders copying and embracing the wicked ways of some dictators in some countries in Southern, Eastern and Central Africa whose police delight in killing citizens they are supposed to protect?

We refuse to be cowed and used by greed politicians whose selfishness to hold on to power or to go into power is promoting evil foreign cultures of hateful intolerance which is resulting in these killings and maiming. Our politicians have deceptively promoted tribalism, regionalism, racism, hate speeches, nepotism and corruption which have overwhelmingly raked our rank and file as a nation, and the way to stop this is by refusing to join them in their political hateful errands otherwise Zambia is in danger of turning into a failed state. Our president, being the commander of the defense forces should show impartial leadership and do more than just paying lip service to the stopping of violence which the PF is perpetuating in many provinces and the UPND in Southern Province. The perpetuators of violence in both parties are well known so they must be arrested and prosecuted without discrimination and without secret innuendos. Sir, if you fail know that our God shall do it and protect Zambians and you will miss an opportunity for favor and high esteem with God and with people within and without Zambia. Remember God cannot be mocked.


Bishop Dr. Joseph Kazhila

The Vision Mission Righteousness

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