Killing of UNZA student pains Nevers Mumba

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Message of condolences:

The loss of life at the University of Zambia is heartbreaking. As a father of two daughters, I cannot even start to imagine the pain and anguish of the bereaved family. I send my deepest condolences to the bereaved family and friends.

It is at a time like this that men and women of the collar must rise up to provide guidance to a despondent people. In times like this, politicians will always be skewed in judgement. Vespers’ death is not politics but someone’s daughter being laid in a grave, never to return. The voice of church leaders must be louder than the voice of politicians at this stage. The politicians are playing a political blame game which will not heal the breach which has been committed. The grieving nation needs a counselor. This counselor must preferably be the church and not a politician.

During this time of mourning, the church should call for measured statements from all sides. The police is under probe. From where we stand, the police misconducted themselves in the death of Vespers Shimuzhila. Justification for their action should not only be made to investigators but in court. Let us not waste this death. Let us use it to clean up our hearts, attitudes and actions as a nation.

The Church should guide the politicians not to use this death for political gain but as an opportunity to see how far removed we are from God’s principles of love, justice and peaceful coexistence. We must face ourselves as a people. We must deal with the ugliness of hatred, vengeance and unbridled appetite to destroy and kill each other to prove our political prowess. God is calling us back to the values of love and peace which are a prerequisite to national unity and prosperity. We are one people. The death of one of our children must affect all of us. Until we return to God as a nation, the current path of hatred and un forgiveness which we have chosen could shipwreck our national aspirations.


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    Kundo Sina 1 week ago

    Jazy whatever your name is,you’re a foolish fool sir..

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    muntungwa 1 week ago

    Zambia shall be saved!! Whoever gave the stupid police instructions to go and attack our children must surely be held to account. Home affairs minister and the pig must account for their actions. These goons do not care because their children are in foreign universities.

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    kanyembo c 1 week ago

    Edgar Lungu is a curse to zambia and may the young lady’s soul rest in eternal peace.

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    kenazo 1 week ago

    The life of our future heroe was precious to the nation with dwindling economy like Zambia. we morn with the bereaved family.

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    Are these not the reactions to grave issues such as this death that make sane people imagine and conclude that Lungu is not one of us Zambians as his behaviour ever since he occupied plot one cannot come from a true Zambian

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    Vibrant 1 week ago

    Man you need God in your life and i am very sure that your mother did not give birth to the devil. The young life that has been lost because of greediness and selfishness by few individuals is innocent. I am not personally related to her by blood but just her being a human being i am emotionally affected because we can not allow human beings killed like animals in a country called a christian nation just in name of politics. Mind you this is a country in which some few weeks come some people will be calling others for prayers, reconciliation and fasting. No wonder why some of us we don’t take part in this kind blasphemous acts.

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    Peter 1 week ago

    The church leadership needs prayers even when handed such responsibility so that God and not man takes control over the developing situation 

  • comment-avatar
    jazzy 1 week ago

    even finished politicians are jumping on the bandwagon atase if the girl was to resurrect she would be disapointed with stupid politicians who have since worn out like a used condom