King Cobra dinning with the devil as evil thrive

By a correspondent
Deep and excruciating poverty, unemployment, mealie meal and fuel shortages, unconstitutional actions such as the construction of a K1.4 billion retirement house for President Michael Sata long before his retirement and the allocation of k1.5 billion to a non-existent office of the first lady are what have characterized the Patriotic Front government yet Mr Sata and his cheers feel Zambia has the best leadership ever.
Mr Sata, cantankerously known as King Cobra, has been dining with the devil without a long spoon has completely forgotten the suffering of the poor and has kept himself busy sapping the country’s resources into his family empire like a vampire while the majority of Zambians are wallowing in abject poverty.
Mr Sata and the Patriotic Front have fraudulently opened the country’s purse to themselves and their families so as to deepen their pockets through uncalled for commissions of enquiries, corruption, outright theft and the open practice of tribalism and nepotism.
President Sata’s more money in the pocket is now being fully understood as his first action after entering State House was to silently like a thief in the night increase his salary by way over 100 percent at the shock of the many Zambians who thought the man was pro poor citizens.
Now Mr Sata, the man of action has commenced the unconstitutional building of his stately retirement house long before his presidential term has expired and this has confirmed that the priority of President Sata and the PF has never been to serve Zambians but to enrich himself and his cronies.
Certainly the foundation of Mr Sata’s palatial retirement house is built on nothing but greed and that is why the Ministry of Works and Supply and the Sata’s mouth piece George Chellah have failed to play open cards over the construction of such a house.
Zambians are now paying for the construction of a house for a man who has not done anything for them apart from employing his relatives and tribes mates.
The UPND has rightly petitioned Parliament in a feeble attempt to block the illegal construction of President Sata’s retirement house but knowing what Parliament has become, their petition may only be an exercise in futility.
Government through Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Kennedy Sakeni has defended Mr Sata’s greed by stating that the PF would not want its leader to suffer when he retires and that Mr Sata must be respected as Head of State.
The many poor Zambians that voted for Mr Sata are more concerned about their poverty and sufferings and the talk about Mr Sata suffering and respect after his presidency has expired is nothing but admission on the part of the PF that they are in government to serve and enrich themselves.
The majority poor citizens that ensured Mr Sata and the PF formed government are not concerned about whether President Sata will suffer or shall be respected but what he has done since his ascendancy to the presidency that is worthy the construction of his retirement house and respect.
While most Zambians are wondering why Mr Sata would want a retirement house now and why his wife should be entitled to K1.5 billion, the government with its image builders who certainly are benefiting from the misrule are busy singing praises for him.
Those questioning the legality of building Mr Sata a retirement house and the allocation of K1.5 billion to Dr Christine Kaseba’s office that does not exist are being called names yet what is true is that Zambians have the right to call Mr Sata and his wife to account for every kwacha they are spending.
The courts of history will judge Mr Sata not so much for his achievements in the interest of Zambians, but for his greed, intolerance, mismanagement and non-caring for the majority of the poor citizens and his lies.
Zambians remember late Dr Frederick Chiluba as a man who fearlessly championed democracy under the ruthless regime of Dr Kaunda and the liberalization of the economy, the late Levy Mwanawasa is being remembered for his fight against corruption while Rupiah Banda is being missed for his desire for infrastructure development as a president for all Zambians.
And from a president who was more obsessed with infrastructure development and respect for the rule of law, Zambia has painfully stumbled into a leader whose administration is so mired in corruption, nepotism, incompetence, greed, ideological rhetoric  and despotism, the vices that are fast destroying what late Levy Mwanawasa and Rupiah Banda left.
Sata will be remembered for his brutal and despotic kind of governance, greed to have more money in his pockets, nepotism, decrees, unfulfilled promises, shortage of basic commodities such as meali meal and fuel, commissions of inquiry that have not yielded any tangible result apart from making few individuals loot the treasury, among other ugly things to remember a former head of state about.
And at the rate Mr Sata is going, breaching the constitution with impunity, he might just be the first former president to fail to dodge prison after he leaves office.
Mr Sata does not know that there is such a thing as the proverbial sword and will surely fall on it when he crushes down from power and if those praising him loved and cared about him, they should have warned him about the path he has taken in governing the country.
Instead, they have not been providing him with straight and open advice but it is not surprising because in the PF government, Ministers, senior party officials and some vultures within the party are too busy jostling for public money using the get rich quickly syndrome.

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