King Mswati given land in Solwezi

kolweThe Zambian government through the Solwezi Municipal council has given King Mswati of Swaziland a commercial plot of land.

And the Solwezi Municipal Council has awarded King Mswati the status of free man of the town.

King Mswati and president Banda arrived in Solwezi about mid day on their way to Kansashi mine.

The King said at the airport that the Zambian government was doing a commendable job by developing the mines in the country.

He said Mines when well developed can create a lot of employment opportunities and lead to general development.

The Watchdog has been informed in advance that the King will later be declared a free man of Solwezi.

The local authority there is also expected to present a commercial plot of land to the monarch.

King Mswati and president Banda are scheduled to fly to Mfuwe in Eastern province at 16 hours local time.

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