Kingsley Chanda must go

Kingsley Chanda must go

Jack Kalala writes:

Employment contract isn’t cast in steel. It can be terminated any time & it has been done before. Some contracts have been terminated, what’s so special about K. Chanda’s. Didn’t he take over from someone whose contract was terminated. If it happened then, it can happen now.

ZRA is such a critical institution requiring a person of high integrity to be in charge, a person who will inspire those below to perform their duties with honor & integrity, a person whose integrity can’t be bought by any amount of gold, a person of impeccable character.

It’s in the interest of the New Dawn Of Service Above Self Administration to relieve K. Chanda of his duties. Another person, preferably a woman, can & should be found to replace him. He can’t be the only one of his kind in Zambia. There should be many & better than him. #Zambia

Jack Kalala

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    ChoolwePower 2 weeks ago

    He must go because he belong to a tribe that oppressed us for so many years. infact we don’t need this tribe head any government department.

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    Matumbo 2 weeks ago

    What wrong has Chanda done? Educate us? Has he cause less collection of tax? Her his co-workers complaining? Is he inefficient? Does he steal the tax? If there is no “YES” to any of these then He must stay>

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    James 3 weeks ago

    Yes, Kingsley Chanda must go. There’s need to restore integrity in the Office of the Commissioner General at ZRA. We can’t afford to keep a thief, corrupt and morally bankrupt person in the important office. Please Bally and Dr. Musokotwane listen to what people are saying.