Kitwe Council clinic sold to Mayor’s friend

THE Kitwe City Council (KCC) clinic popularly known as the city square clinic has allegedly been sold to Kitwe businessman called Irvin and it is a matter of time before it is demolished to pave way for the construction of a multi-facility building.
The council clinic has been sold to Irvin, a Kitwe businessman believed to be a friend of Kitwe Mayor Chileshe Bweupe without the knowledge of most of the councilors.
Efforts to get a comment from Town Clerk Bornwell Luanga failed as he was attending a Local government workshop in Nakonde together with Director of Administration Wisdom Bwalya, while acting Town Clerk Samuel Mumba, who is director of Finance was also attending a ZICA Workshop at Moba hotel.
Sources from well informed government institutions told the Zambia Watch Dog in Kitwe that Kitwe Mayor Chileshe had sold the council clinic to his friend Irvin and it was a matter of time before the institution was demolished to pave way for the construction of a multi-facility building.
The sources said the Mayor, who is a grand son to President Michael Sata, had turned the council into his own thing and was making decisions without following procedures.
“This young man, Bweupe is using his position of Mayor to enrich himself. He is selling land like he is giving sweets. He is not following procedures. He has sold the council clinic, but according to the law, you don’t sell council property like that.
“Under section 67 of the local government, you can only dispose off the council property upon valuation. Bweupe is one of the PF crooks who will be hunted like rats in a house if PF is voted out of government. We can’ t have chaos like this in a country.  This is plunder of resources, ” said one of the government officials who sought anonymity,
Some PF cadres talked, to also expressed concern about the way Bweupe was selling land to his friends in the city.
Apart from selling land, Bweupe has also been engaged in dubious activities to benefit himself with companies like Lamise and Mama Africa in Kitwe.
And some officers from the Kitwe District Health Management Team told the Zambia Watch Dog that they were shocked at the rumours that the Mayor had sold the clinic when it was planning to take over the clinic because the council had failed to run it.
“That was news for us, that the council clinic had been sold. We were planning to take over and run it properly unlike the way it was been ran by the council. Any way, we will be watching from the terraces,” said the oficers.


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