Kitwe Councillor grabs land from Zambia police force

Kitwe Councillor grabs land from Zambia police force


Kitwe’s Ipusukilo Ward Councillor Mwango Sata has grabbed the land in Riverside at the Mufuchani Bridge which was reserved and earmarked for building a permanent police post at the instruction of the President.

The people who had  settled in the area were relocated and compensated by the Government meaning that the land had been re entered as State Land and required to be degazeted for any use other than that of police.

But Mwango, the son of late president Sata, with the help of other Kitwe councillors has grabbed this land and is the process of constructing some buildings there.

Amazingly, instead of arresting the culprit, the police have just written a letter of complaint to the Kitwe City Council.
See the attached letter by Inspector General of police Kakoma Kanganja.

Now, if these filthy cadres can grab land from the Zambia police force itself, is land for ordinary people safe ?

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