Kitwe DC asks for time to ‘organise’ K90000 donation he stole

Kitwe DC asks for time to ‘organise’ K90000 donation he stole

Kitwe DC Mpundu begs for more time to “organise” K90,000 he stole for Buchi Library restocking

Fresh information has emerged that Kitwe PF DC Binwell Mpundu has pleaded with the Buchi-Kamitondo Childhood Association to give him more time to “organise” the K90,000 donation he received from Cyme Cymz, a well known wealthy Kitwe based Jerabo, copper thief.

The money was a donation meant for restocking Buchi library.

But Mpundu has complained that he doesnt not understand how he’s being targeted by his political enemies when the then Chairman of the Buchi- Kamitondo Childhood Association Simon Kabanda and the Treasurer Chomba Chimpusa squandered Tasila’s US$5,000 cash donation and the Watchdog has not made so much noise about it, his close associates have said.

Both Kabanda and Chimpusa have since quit the association.

He now suspects that Nkana Central MP Alexander Chiteme and PF Secretary General Davies Mwila are behind what he called ‘this malicious campaign’ for merely showing interest to contest the Nkana seat in 2021.
A source in the Buchi-Kamitondo Childhood Association says there is a strong feeling amongst members that Mpundu be reported to the police.
“He keeps pleading that he will give us feedback after the story broke out. We might just go to his office and beat him up until ka kakanye money ya library. Just wait and see what will happen this week,” a source said.

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