Kitwe deputy mayor to appear in court for assault

KITWE Deputy Mayor Francis Miti is Tuesday expected to appear in court for allegedly assaulting his wife and his sister in-law during a fight on Thursday, last week.
On Thursday, last week, the Kitwe Deputy Mayor severely beat up his wife, Suzanne Kapemba and assaulted his sister-in law Maggie Kapemba.
Mr Miti, his wife Kapemba 34 and his sister in-law Maggie Kapemba will all appear at the Kitwe Magistrate Court tomorrow as accused following a new development where the Deputy Mayor has also complained of being assaulted by the two sisters and malicious damage to his property during the fight.
During a meeting at the Kitwe District Police Headquarters which took more than two hours, Mr Miti complained that it was not only him who assaulted his wife, but even him, was assaulted by the two sisters and they caused malicious damage to his property.
Kitwe District Police Commanding Officer Fred Mulenga confirmed that he had the meeting with the trio over the assault cases and that the three would appear in court as accused because the deputy Mayor had also complained of malicious damage and being assaulted.
Dr Mulenga refused to give details on the matter and referred all queries to the Copperbelt Provincial commanding officer Mary Tembo.
“I have told you that all the three would appear in court tomorrow as accused because even the mayor is now complaining of being assaulted. What else do you want? if you want details go and talk to Ms Tembo,” said Dr Mulenga.

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