Kitwe District Commissioner escapes lynching

Kitwe District Commissioner escapes lynching

Outgoing Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu Saturday escaped near lynching by PF cadres who got incensed by Mpundu’s reference to them as “ba Kambwanga”.

The incident happened at Kitwe’s Presidential Guest house in Ndeke where the group had gone to escort the First Lady back after an engagement with the Church.

During a Church function at Kitwe’s UCZ Riverside congregation where First Lady Esther Lungu was Guest of Honor, Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kangombe misconducted himself in church when he protested and demanded to sit next to the First Lady after protocol put the PF chairperson for women to sit next to the Guest of Honor.

At the Presidential Guest house where Kangombe shunned to escort the First Lady in protest, the cadres told Kitwe DC Binwel Mpundu to advise his friend to be humble and respect others. Mpundu then replied that Kings are made by peasants but once they make King, they can’t continue listening or recognising peasants.

The DC said “Infumu bai panga Kuli ba Kambwanga but nga yaba Infumu, teti ile umfwila ba Kambwanga iyo” reported the source.

The source says the DC was nearly lynched if it wasn’t for Police intervention as the cadres got very upset by his remarks.

The cadres feel both Mpundu and Kangombe have no respect for party structures and they told Binwel that he was leaving office this coming week even if he felt on top of the world.

Kitwe DC Binwel Mpundu has had his contract not renewed and former Kitwe Mayor Chileshe Bweupe takes over as Kitwe DC awaiting official announcement anytime most likely this week hinted our source.

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