‘Kitwe guards are paid 207 pin’

‘Kitwe guards are paid 207 pin’

To editor

Dear sir/madam
I am a young unmarried male of 30 years of age,  Zambian by nationality, with a green national registration card.
I am here as a concerned citizen of Zambia . I stay and  live kitwe and my friends is a guard who works for MACZAM security firm.

He was just showing me his latest payslip and for the fear of being exposed he rubbed off his ID details am sure you can understand . and I was very surprised to see what is happening he got K 207.300 as his net pay in this time and age honestly what would one do with that type of change for a salary and he is married with three kids .

So you guys are a voice of the voiceless so I m here to ask for you people to publish something in the paper. I have attached his so called payslip  coz I hear recently the the government announced the minimum wage . So please please do something .
I ll be waiting to hear from you guys

Yours concerned citizen

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