Kitwe man cancels wedding after finding fiance at mayor’s house at night

A Kitwe man has cancelled his wedding after he found his fiancé at Kitwe deputy Mayor Francis Miti’s house around 23 hours alone with the mayor- probably having sex.

Reuben Mumbi told the Watchdog that he was set to marry his fiancé whom he just said Mirriam next month (November) but is now demanding his lobola back.

The 26 – year old Mirriam of Mindolo Township is now said to be pushing the Kitwe Deputy Mayor to marry him since he was the one who shattered her hopes of getting married to Mumbi.

When contacted for a comment, Miti’s phone was picked by his brother, Smart Miti, who claimed that his brother was sick and therefore could not answer phone calls.

But  Mumbi, who was set to marry Mirriam next month, confirmed to the Zambian Watchdog that he decided to dump his fiancé after he found her in a compromising situation with the Deputy Mayor around 23 hours.

Mumbi explained that he was tipped about the relationship between Miriam and the Deputy Mayor and so he decided to way- lay them from the Deputy Mayor’s house in C7 section.

Mumbi said one day he decided to trail his fiancé. That day, he saw Miriam entering the house of the Deputy Mayor between 14.00hours and 15.00hours and only came out between 22.00 hours and 23.00hours.

“So when they came out, I was following them from the Deputy Mayor’s house and later, I asked Miriam what she was doing in Wusakile around 23.00hours when she stays in Mindolo., she could not tell me anything and so, I told her to just give me back the dowry which i paid so that she could continue with Mr Miti,” explained Mr Mumbi.

Miti is said to be a serious womaniser operating in Wusakile, the ward he represents as councillor.



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