PF immorality: Kitwe Mayor Bweupe on sexual rampage in Lusaka

PF immorality: Kitwe Mayor Bweupe on sexual rampage in Lusaka

chilesheKitwe mayor Chileshe Bweupe is reportedly in the habit of frequenting Lusaka where he has been spotted in diverse drinking spots and hotels where has evidently been enjoying the company of different girls on whom he has been spending lavishly abandoning his family in Kitwe on the Copperbelt, according to Zambia Intelligence  News.

Mr. Chileshe who is usually booked at the plush Southern Sun Ridgeway formerly Holiday Inn is reportedly on sex rampage according to some workers at the hotel.

Mr. Chileshe has not just been spotted bringing in different women to his hotel room but has also raised public concern with what the source has termed as his childish drinking habits which have seen him drunk to the point of stupidity.

The Kitwe mayor who is also a married man has been spotted at an Irish Pub called O’Hagan’s in Lusaka’s Woodlands area where he has been spotted in awkward positions with a string of women that he eventually takes to his room at the Southern Sun Ridgeway.  His worship the mayor of Kitwe is constantly taking girls to his hotel room who spend nights with him and the source has added that some of the girls that he takes to his room actually spend nights with him throughout his visit.

The source has added that it is shocking that Bweupe has made a habit of coming to Lusaka just to come and have sex with young girls to the point to bringing the office that he hold into disrepute. Another source also added that Bweupe’s disgrace to public office is also tied to his past starting with his dismissal from Barclays Bank on account of indulging in fraudulent activities and that his lifestyle is very wild granted his love for night clubs and his enjoyment of the company of women that he usually takes to bed. The source added that the mayor of Kitwe is boastful and is always telling women how powerful he is and the influence that he has over the government.

Chileshe Bweupe is also reported to be in the habit of promising the unsuspecting girls that he takes to bed in Lusaka with employment opportunities through his so called powerful connections. It is however ridiculous to note his preying on some of the girls granted that he is only a simple mayor who may not even have the influence he claims to have the source added.  In October last year, Bweupe caused laughter when he equated his position to that of ambassador and demanded for an official mayor’s residence and state security to enable him to be hosting what her termed as official events at his home. This demand attracted sharp criticism from the public as well as the ministry of local government.

After his ranting, permanent secretary in the ministry issued to Kitwe City Council not to enforce the motion to provide housing and 24 hours state security to Chileshe Bweupe failure to which appropriate statutory provisions would be enforced.  The Kitwe mayor is also reported to be on the payroll of some illegal copper dealers on the Copperbelt who are also known as Jerabos and have helped in financing his sexual escapades in Lusaka.


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