Kitwe mayor in another corruption scam

Kitwe mayor in another corruption scam

Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kangombe has been caught up in Abuse of Office and Authority in a matter where  the Kitwe Mayor acting together with the Kitwe City Council Director of Finance and two other Senior Management staff have sold themselves the Kitwe United Football Club.

The Mayor and his associates sold themselves the football club and returned 100% ownership of the said club, meaning all income derived from activities of the club from matches to sell of players wud be shared among the Four of them.

But surprisingly, the Mayor and his associates decided to have Kitwe United continue been fully sponsored by the Council despite the fact that the club was now owned by the quartet hence making it a private club.

This decision to abuse Council funds in sponsoring a private club infuriated other Councilors and Council staff who have since mobilized their residents from various wards across Kitwe to demonstrate against the Mayor’s move described as an act of pure greed and abuse.

“You know, our Mayor is a one man show, they sold themselves the football club (Kitwe United) minus publicly advertising and calling for bids from interested parties” said one of the Councilors who preferred to remain anonymous for fear of victimisation.

“If Prime TV was still on, you wr going to see on News tonight for yourself what sort of crook this Mayor is. He is so greedy, he has grabbed and sold many plots alone and the PF did well to remove him as Provincial Vice Chairperson because he used to lie whenever he grabbed plots that the plots wr for the party yet he was getting them to sell for himself” the councilor went on to add.

A check at the Civic Center proved futile as most Officers approached refused to comment saying they don’t want to get caught up in the wrath of the Mayor whom they described as greedy and unforgiving.

We continue to monitor the story as it unfolds.

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