Kitwe mayor in land scandal

Kitwe mayor in land scandal

Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kangombe has been accused of illegally allocating Land to himself and selling it to unsuspecting members of the public at exhobitant fees.

The Mayor who is campaigning to contest as Kamfisa MP in 2021 has been spending heavily in Kamfisa Constituency of late donating various goodies and cash to Youth, Men and Women Church and Community groupings. This is after failing to penetrate Kwacha Constituency where he found incumbent Joe (Bonanza) Malanji is unshakable.

Sources at the council have revealed that the Mayor is indiscriminately grabbing Land especially from poor people and selling it mainly to foreigners who are Chinese and Zambian of Indian origin. ” Right now we have about 15 families that where illigally removed from their land where they have been for over 25 years in Chantete in an area called Wangocha. These people where thrown in the cold by our Mayor who has sold the Land to Chinese, the 15 are currently in Lusaka camping at intercity wanting to meet the Vice President. They where met by the Deputy Secretary to Cabinet Mr Patrick Kangwa who promised to deal with their issue”. Said the source.

Then there is also that Land in front of Puma Depot along Chibuluma Rd, the land was reserved for future road expansion and that is where the Nkana Water distribution pipes taking water to Mindolo pass. The source said a letter from Nkana Water Managing Director addressed to the Kitwe Mayor advising against any development on the land as per Law instructed not to build on top of water lines, the Mayor ignored and sold the Land with impunity to Indians.

The source further disclosed that land reserved and earmarked for Morden Bus Terminal in town next to MTN has also been sold by Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kangombe. “Ala ba Mayor naba pena ku ndalama natu gelo”. ( The Mayor has gone wild over money and girls) he is selling land everywhere in Kitwe without following due process of land allocations.

His desire now drove him to sell the land which is on title and belongs to the Zambia Army in Parklands behind the Barracks. “What he did with the Barracks land is he sold it to foreigners and in an effort to intimidate the Army, he gave one plot there to the PF SG Davis Mwila and told the Commanding officer that the other biggest plot of those created from there is for President Lungu, but Command was informed and the Army Commander asked the President who expressed shock and disgust then immediately ordered the Minister of Local Government to instruct Kitwe City Council to not only give back the land to the Army but, to demolish every structure belt there”.

The Mayor is said to be in panic mode as the people he sold the illigal land to want their refunds, ” u see, these graduate boys who are so educated yet corrupt will get land in a prime area, sell it at say K400,000 but pay the council K8,000 and pocket the rest. Our Mayor is said to have collected over K2.4m in illigal land sales alone, where is he going to find money to pay back the people who’s structures will be demolished”? Asked the source.

Yesterday, Local Government Minister issued instructions to Kitwe City Council to immediately move in and demolish structures belt on Army land in Parklands.

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