Kitwe mayor in plots scandals

Kangombe leads in the lot of High Cost Plots in Kitwe

Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kangombe has allocated high-cost plots to himself and his area councillors.

This came to light when the details of approved plots was published in the media.

The revelations have angered Kitwe residents who vowed to ensure that the Mayor and his corrupt set of councillors are removed.

The offer of high cost plots in Kitwe across the Kafue River has raised some dust after the bulk of the land went to councillors.

With the names published in the media, some residents have risen up in arms accusing the civic leaders of having duped the public that the plots were for the general public.

According to the list over 23 high cost plots have gone to councillors in the newly opened up area.

The Kitwe City Council had advertised plots for development across the Kafue River to which residents responded positively and attended interviews.

However, after the release of names in the media, it has emerged that 23 Councillors are beneficiaries of High Cost Plots.

The residents have complained of having been duped as most councillors allegedly do not have capacity to develop the plots.

“When we were applying they told us the plots were meant to benefit the vulnerable but how do they allocate themselves plots like that, I think is very unfair and we demand a response from the council on how the pieces of land were given to all councillors and most directors at the council,” one of the residents complained.

And Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe declined to comment saying he would address the matter once he had got all the details.

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