Kitwe PF councillors share money donated for Likumbi Lya mize

Patriotic Front (PF) Councilors in Kitwe on Wednesday shared the K33, 500 (K33.5million) donated by Mopani Copper Mines (MCM), Truckmec and Demar Engineering meant for the just ended Likumbi Lyamize despite having come back from the ceremony, sources at the council have disclosed.

The funds, which were released by the three companies this week were shared by the councilors, who rejected an advise from council officers that they keep the money for future use like other traditional ceremonies like N’ cwala especially that they already had returned from the ceremony which needed money.

MCM donated K25, 000 while the other two companies Truckmec and Demar Engineering contributed undisclosed amount, but the total amount came to K33,500 and councilors opted to share the amount as opposed to keeping it for other ceremonies they wanted to attend.

Both PF Chibote ward Councillor Webster Malama and  council officers confirmed that councilors shared the money donated by MCM, Truckmec and Demar Engineering companies for the just ended Likumbi Lyamize.

When asked whether it was true councilors shared the money, Malama confirmed, but later sounded shaken and asked if the person calling was Chilupula, his fellow PF councilor.

“Yes, we shared the money, niwebo nani? Niwebo Chilupula, said Mr Malama.

And some officers told the Zambian Watchdog that “The money was donated for Likumbi Lyamize, but it came this week when the councilors had already returned from the ceremony, but the councilors insisted that they share the money and boasted that if they need money to go to N’cwala, they would go to beg from MCM and other companies in the city.

“The councilors shared the money instead of keeping it for future use for N’cwala or any other ceremony. If they were genuine leaders, they would have contributed the money to some small project in the city to improve people’s lives, but they decided to share it amongst themselves. This is not leadership worth admiring. These councilors are not inspiring,” said some sources at the council.

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