Kitwe PF officials quit, say PF not going anywhere


KITWE PF women’s vice chairlady Jennifer Mwila Bwembya, commonly known as Chibe Chibe, has resigned from the ruling party.

And Nkana Constituency Mukuba ward vice-secretary Alice Mwape has also resigned from the PF.

In an interview following her resignation, Chibe Chibe said she had decided to ditch the ruling party because President Edgar Lungu was deaf to the cries of the poor and that greed and hatred had taken over the PF.

“Iyo PF takuli eko ileya, ifwe nifwebo twikala pama grassroots so tuleumfwa efyo balelanda (The PF is headed nowhere, we are the ones who are with people on the grassroots and we are hearing what they are saying),”Chibe Chibe said.

“The President should also listen to the poor people instead of just listening to the people that are around or close to him.”

She complained that newcomers had hijacked the party and were being given preferential treatment over long serving members, adding that the party had lost touch with Zambians and was headed for defeat in 2016.

Chibe Chibe said she had met with President Lungu during his visit to the Copperbelt in an attempt to discuss some plans the district had made with president Michael Sata, but that the Head of State instead referred her to the Sata family.

“Balijimpusha ati bushe tamwachimumona Mulenga Sata ku rally. Tamwaishiba ukwakusanga ba Kaseba (Didn’t you see Mulenga Sata at the rally? Don’t you know where to find former first lady Christine Kaseba),” she said.

Chibe Chibe said after President Lungu left the Copperbelt, she was summoned by the PF provincial office to explain why she had gone to see the President.

“I have come a long way with PF and have done a lot in terms of mobilising the party but there is a lot of greed and hatred in the party,” observed Chibe Chibe, who advised President Lungu to open his eyes and ears before it was too late.

And Mwape said she had suffered enough in the PF.

“We have suffered enough in the PF where ordinary members just escort the leadership to riches,” said Mwape.


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