Kitwe police officer arrested for forcing detainee to have sex with him

A Police officer of Nakadoli police post in Chimwemwe township of Kitwe has been arrested and detained for allegedly raping a woman who was detained at the same police post for the charge of child desertion.
Constable Chintu allegedly raped a woman who was detained at Nakadoli police post after he threatened to shoot her with an AK 47 rifle if she refused to have sex with him.
Kitwe District Police Commanding Officer Fred Mulenga confirmed the incident, but referred more queries to the Copperbelt Police Commissioner Joyce Kasosa.
“I can confirm that a Police officer at Nakadoli police post identified as constable Chintu went into the cells and asked a named woman for sex, but when she refused, he threatened to shot her with an AK 47 rifle.
“So for fear of being killed, she allowed herself to have sex with the police officer, but she reported the matter to her relatives and the police. The police officer has since been arrested and detained. He is in police custody, but for more details get in touch with our Copperbelt police commissioner,” Mr Mulenga said.
And some residents of Chimwemwe , who received the information of the police officer raping the detained woman by threatening to shoot her, said police and other law enforcement agencies have continued to lose confidence of the public because of their involvement in illegal activities.
Cynthia Banda sais it was sad that police officers are getting involved in criminal activities like theft of copper, raping women and others when they were supposed to take a lead in curbing criminal activities like theft and rape.
“A long time ago, the police had a lot of respect from the public because they were genuine law enforcement agencies, but now, police officers are criminals who are using their positions to ill-treat people and even steal.
“This is why the public have lost confidence in the police officers. Police officers are working with criminals to steal and do other criminal activities. Recently police officers in Chambishi were involved in the theft of the Copper cable ” Ms Banda said.

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