Kitwe police ‘butcher’ suspected car thief

Kitwe police ‘butcher’ suspected car thief


Killed by police in cold blood

Police in Kitwe Sunday evening repeatedly shot a man they suspected of stealing a vehicle from Lusaka.The C5 (a dreaded wing of the police for its killings) was given a tip from a member of the public on where the car was parked in River Side.

Armed to the teeth, the C5 swung into action and without saying anything opened fire on the suspect once they spotted him. Even when the suspect, or person presumed to be the suspect tried to give in, the police emptied their pellets on him leaving his bullet riddled body on the ground to the horror of residents.

One person who witnessed the extra-judicial killing could not believe what he saw.

He told the Watchdog ‘yes, criminals need to be brought to book. However, extra-judicial killings are an illegality which, unfortunately have not only become common but also acceptable to Government.

‘The sanctity of life in this country is under serious threat. What is happening now is a prelude to harder and nastier times. We need prayers for God to intervene.   Fellow Zambians, let us unite in prayer and save this nation.’


This car was suspected to have been stolen from Lusaka


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