Kitwe police dump suspect at hospital after killing him

POLICE officers at Nkana East Police Station in Kitwe are alleged to have beaten a suspect to death and later dumped him at Kitwe Central Hospital (KCH) on Wednesday without informing the hospital authorities that they had brought a dead person.
Kitwe District Police Commanding Officer Fred Mulenga said he was so busy that he could not talk to the media, while Copperbelt Police Commanding Officer Mary Tembo said she could not comment because she had not received such a report.
But, KCH senior management authorities said the police officers just dumped the dead person, who was in a pool of blood at the hospital without informing the hospital authorities that they had brought in a dead person.
The senior management authorities, who spoke on grounds of anonymity, said they suspected that police had severely beaten the suspect to death because he was in a pool of blood and after he died of beatings they decided to just dump him at the hospital.
“Even when you brought in a dead person, you inform the hospital staff about the dead person, but on this one, we were surprised at the conduct of the police officers when they just dumped a dead person without giving the hospital staff the details of the dead person.
“So it is this behaviour of the officers and the pool of blood which was covering the head of the dead person that made us to suspect that the police had beaten him to death and later decided to dump him at the hospital without informing the hospital staff,” said some senior management officials at the KCH.
And some police sources confirmed that the suspect died of police beatings and revealed that after beating the suspect to death, they decided to start telling lies that he had committed suicide by using the waist of his trousers.
The suspect is alleged to have stolen a horse-pipe from somebody.


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