Kitwe police molest students

Kitwe Police officers last night beat and sexually harassed our female students at the Copperbelt University.

In what began as a peaceful General Meeting for students at CBU around 5pm yesterday Later on escalated into a tangle with the police officers in the late hours of 21 – 22 hours. The police officers injured many of the students, and almost caused the loss of life of one Chemical Engineering student.

What makes the situation worse is that they further went on to break doors at the new female hostel where they sexually harassed our female students, they beat them, and apprehended some of them.

Why should police officers break into our rooms? Even stealing our things…Not everyone on campus was participating in the demonstration, others were asleep, some studying etc. So the rooms are the only place the innocent ones are most likely to be found, isn’t a person innocent until proven guilty? Why should they break doors and arrest everyone? Watchdog, please post this and dig deeper into this matter, we want these police officers to be punished…and we shall use all means necessary…This is unfair, ba Police rapping our students…aweh.

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