Kitwe salutes HH as court revokes arrest warrant

Kitwe salutes HH as court revokes arrest warrant

The Kitwe High Court has discharged a bench warrant issued against UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema. This means Hichilema will not be arrested for the fake charge of contempt of court the PF government was trying to persecute him with.

Meanwhile, Kitwe came to a standstill Tuesday morning as residents turned up to salute HH as he went to court. Scores of Kitwe residents followed Hichilema to the Kitwe High Court while singing solidarity songs and raising the UPNphotoD symbol.

As Hichilema came out of court, some youths were seen kneeling down before him to tender their apologies. The youths were later identified as the group that was hired by PF three months ago to beat Hichilema when he appeared at a radio show in Ndola.

In court, the judge decided that Hichilema had good reason for missing court session and accordingly discharged the warrant of arrest.

But the main charge of contempt of court will continue and has been adjourned to October 7, 2014. Hichilema’s lawyers argued that the lawyers for acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda cannot be the same ones to swear the affidavit in the case where Hichilema is charged with contempt of court.

This is in the case in which Justice minister Wynter Kabimba and OP boss Mwanamwange are pushing the judiciary to lock up Hichilema for missing a court hearing.

Hichilema is facing charges of contempt of court for allegedly commenting on an on-going court case where the Law Association of Zambia contend that Lombe Chibesakunda is acting as chief justice illegally.
A lot of politicians have commented on the matter but it was only the alleged comment from Hichilema, which attracted the attention of PF leaders and their lawyers.

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