Kitwe vendors to riot

Kitwe street vendors who were discarded from the streets and their merchandise grabbed at the orders of president Edgar Lungu are currently mobilising themselves.

The jerabos who also lost the black mountain to Lungu are said to be part of what is about to happen…

Meanwhile, Chishimba Kambwili says:

The sad case of street vending.

The elite call it dirt because they can afford to shop in Shoprite, the poor call it business because that is their only source of livelihood. What happens to these men and women who seek to send their children to schools and provide for their families?.

Having heavily campaigned in the last general election I reiterated the fact that the Patriotic Front is a pro poor party and we would not remove street vendors from the streets, until we provide an enabling environment for them to thrive.

The economy is currently under enormous stress and this isn’t the time for towns to compete on being the cleanest, its time to put the people first. My heart bleeds for the street vendors and I wish I could help.

Lest we forget that unemployment is high and this is a way for people making ends meat. Let us have a human heart when making life changing decisions, how can we refer to human beings selling their products as dirt ?

The sad case of street vendors, dirt in others eyes, livelihood in their own eyes. Where is the fairness ?

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