Kitwe womaniser to take over as PF chairman

MEL Computers college chairman, the renowned Kitwe womanizer Mulenga Chamata is being considered for the position of Copperbelt Patriotic Front (PF) provincial chairman to replace the dissolved Robert Mwewa led executive.

But some named PF MPs in Kitwe are against Mr Chamata being PF provincial chairman because they also want the same position and had previously fought personal battles over parliamentary adoptions.

Mr Chamata, who is well known for having sex with every new female student at the college, said he was aware that the party was considering him for the position of provincial chairman, but some PF MPs in Kitwe were against him becoming the provincial chairman.

Mr Chamata said he was ready to take over the position of provincial chairman because he was a founder member of the PF and had track record of good leadership as evidenced by the successes of his Mel Computers college.

“I know that some PF MPs who are interested in the position of provincial chairman are not going to be happy if am made PF provincial chairman, but am not worried about that because am a good leader. I can tell you that am geared for the position and if am given the position, i will take the the party in the province to greater heights,” Mr Chamata said.

But, Some PF cadres told Zambian Watch Dog in separate interviews that some PF MPs in Kitwe were against Mr Chamata being made provincial chairman because he was just a sex maniac who was well known for sleeping with every new female student at the college.

The PF cadres said Mr Chamata should not be brought closer to the ruling party because he had no ability to organize the party, saying that he  should only be left to enjoy sex with teenagers at his Mel Computers college.

“That man (MR Chamata) will just bring disgrace to the PF because he is already known to be a womanizer, a sex maniac who enjoys having sex with students at his college. He actually likes girls who are in their teens and early 20s. Some of these girls don’t even pay tuition and other fees at the college, instead of paying, they just have sex with Mr Chamata,” said one PF cadre who was against Mr Chamata.

Other cadres told the Zambian Watch Dog that some MPs who were against Mr Chamata had lamentably failed to deliver on their campaign promises, but were just scrambling for positions so that they could use them for personal gains.

“We are aware that one MP wants to become Copperbelt provincial chairman so that later he could lobby to become Copperbelt minister in the name of being on the Copperbelt to organize the party when in actual fact he wants to be on the Copperbelt to be doing deals with mining companies to benefit himself.

“There is a lot of corruption, theft and crook business involving PF Ministers and MPs. There are not doing things in national interest, but for their own personal business,” complained one PF cadre.

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