KK, FJT attend MMD convention

First president of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda is among prominent individuals attending the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) convention in Kabwe.

Former president Fredrick Chiluba is also at the convention.
Kenneth Kaunda’s sons Panji and Waza are currently campaigning for Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata.
The two sons of Kaunda have even predicted that there would be blood shed if the ruling party, whose convention their father is attending, retains power this year.
In 2006, Kenneth Kaunda said that Michael Sata is the most unfit person to rule Zambia.
The MMD convention is being held at Mulungushi University in Kabwe.
MMD defeated Kaunda’ UNIP in 1991. The current president of Zambia and MMD Rupiah Banda was also in UNIP when the MMD rose to power.
UNIP used to hold all its important meeting in Kabwe
Security at the venue is tight with people entering the Convention Centre going through the check point formalities while vehicles were equally undergoing screening.
The meeting will run from April 5 to 7 under the theme: Fulfilling the Promise of Good Governance and Prosperity for all Zambians.
The position of president will be unopposed because the MMD either expelled or intimidated anyone who showed some interest to challenge Rupiah Banda.

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