KK cautions people condemning Bemba tribalists, still quiet on Lozis

KK cautions people condemning Bemba tribalists, still quiet on Lozis

Former Zambian dictator Kenneth Kaunda has condemned the  tribal sentiments  existing in the Bemba dominated ruling PF.

Kaunda, who is the main architect of the controversial Barotseland Agreement that has so far seen more that 70 Lozis arrested and charged with treason under the PF, the worst crime in Zambia that carries a death sentence, is this time around quick to advise politicians in Zambia against tribal talk saying Zambia has come a long way to build a one-nation.

Speaking at his Kabulonga residency when Zimbabwean ZANUF-PF members paid a courtesy call on him, Kaunda who is Sata’s ally, urged leaders to unite and come together to maintain peace and avoid engaging in wrangles.
He said Zambia had people of different colours, tribes and faiths and could not develop when people were not in harmony with one another especially leaders who were the drivers of the nation.

Embattled Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Wynter Kabimba has recently been quoted as having said that there was a Bemba tribal clique in the ruling party behind the cadres pushing for his resignation as chief executive officer of the party.

Kaunda has so far not raised any voice regarding the many Lozis that are currently languishing in detention in various prisons in the country, despite being the architect of the agreement and close friend to Mr. Sata who is arresting them.

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