KK convinces Sata to anoint Panji as his successor

KK convinces Sata to anoint Panji as his successor

19-year old Panji at military academy in UK in 1967

Cables from the OP  intercepted by the Watchdog show that former Zambian dictator Kenneth Kaunda has convinced president Michael Sata to anoint Kaunda’ son Panji as his successor.

The project was until  this article only known by Kaunda, Sata, Fred M’membe, Panji and a few OP officials in Zambia.

The idea was communicated to Sata by Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe when he last visited Zambia.

Panji is currently the deputy minister of works and Supply and is a trained soldier.

Sata has already agreed to anoint Kaunda’s first born son as next president of Zambia and has started implementing the process which to a large extent involves eliminating or intimidating into submission any potential presidential candidates in PF.

PF Secretary General Winter  Kabimba  considers himself the most powerful individual after Sata in the PF and believes he will succeed Sata.

He has been on a war-path fighting other people who have some hidden interest to run for president Under PF.  He has publicly taken on defence minister Geoffrey M wamba and recently Foreign Affairs minister Given Lubinda.

What Kabimba does not know is that he is just being used as mop for Panji Kaunda.

When Kabimba wrote a letter to Lubinda telling him to exculpate himself or face the wrath of the party, Kabimba was roundly condemned.

He was forced to review that whatever ever he does, he does it for Sata.

“When the President says go and write, as secretary general, I write. So please don’t shoot the messenger.

“I don’t have too much power other than that which the President and the central committee give me,” Kabimba told journalists and party cadres last Friday.

Kabimba said he was just a messenger who sometimes delivered unpleasant messages and that it was the nature of his job.

In those direct words, Kabimba revealed that it is Sata who is after Lubinda.

Why Fred M’membe is supporting the Move

M’membe and Kaunda are buddies. Both men pretend to be socialists, communists or such other trash.

For M’membe, Panji is a perfect candidate. He, like Sata can be controlled by him.

Panji himself despite being a soldier is a weakling. He is the first born son of Kaunda but until last year when he was appointed deputy minister, he was still depending on his father for a livelihood.

He tried farming after his father was kicked out of State House but he ended up being declared bankrupt after failing to pay suppliers of farming inputs. His father paid for him even though he was in his 60s already.

Such a weakling is good for the Bwinjifumu agenda.


Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe appears to be the only president who is close to Sata. He is the only who has ever visited Zambia from the time Sata became president.

Kenneth Kaunda has a lot of businesses in Zimbabwe and some of his children and grandchildren stay there. Some are in Namibia.

Kaunda was unsure of how to approach Sata with his idea of coming back in power through his son.

An opportunity presented itself when Mugabe visited Zambia. Kaunda asked Mugabe to moot the idea to Sata. Since then, it has just been a matter of finalising the project. There are unconfirmed reports that Mugabe was a major financier of the Sata from the time late leader Levy Mwanawasa referred to Zimbabwe as a sinking Titanic.

When Wynter Kabimba went to Zimbabwe to attend a ZANU- PF meeting in December last year, he told the world that his party derived the name PF from ZANU-PF.

Mugabe’s influence on Sata is huge.

Kaunda has since become very active and has started recruiting members for the PF.

Panji Kaunda went for his officers training at Britain’s Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, when he was 19 years old in 1967. He spent two year at Sandhurst .

See photos of  panji on the side as he arrived for training in UK.

It was Kaunda’s wish to train his children in military with the hope of one of them succeeding him as president one day.

But meallie meal shortages starting from 1987 derailed the plan and by 1991, he was forced out.

Kaunda started running the country in 1963 as prime minister before taking over as president in 1964 when the British left.

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