KK family feels insulted by Lusambo

KK family feels insulted by Lusambo


Panji Kaunda.

We may not argue further with our Lusaka Minister Bowman Lusambo that as a family especially as children failed to take advantage of the 27 years of being President’s children to to enrich better our lives. The Minister was right to say so but I can tell the nation that we feel insulted as a family including the old man for such words coming from Lusambo. We knew his father very well and further knew the family very well. It’s amazing you know especially that the old man got news of those words from undisclosed source. We are not sure how much his is affected him being an old man now but it has been mentioned.
I was talked to by Kaweche my young brother who is always with the big man home. Our father has summoned me over my issue to talk about Chimtengo forest. The old man is not very ok with the sentiments from his perceived son or grandson Lusambo. If K2m is nothing to Bowman or many other current PF ministers, it is certainly a huge money to many Zambians, further the land in question is very dear to the local people there. but the fact is that I don’t need that money, our father Dr KAUNDA doesn’t need that money. As a family we were brought up not take get what is not yours. Our father in his time from a youth to time he led Zambia and left office has always preached to us to be Christians who should try and strive to do what is right. Never steal, never mock people never get what is not yours.
Yes Dr Kaunda feel insulted and I am the cause if the insult to the family. I didn’t think Hon Lusambo would offer such a response without reservations. Certainly he is not a Minister of Lands neither is he a Minister of Local Government so it was shocking getting a response from him.

The owner of the family and name Dr Kaunda has since advised us never to get involved in this issue of Chimtengo forest again. In this case I offer my apology on behalf of the family and myself for unnecessarily bring the nation into disrepute. One thing to be put on record is that Chimtengo forest was not a personal land to anyone. Its a national land and it was supposed to the treated as such. It’s not about K2m but it’s about national property.

Yes Dr Kaunda was President for 27 years and not Panji Kaunda. Where was I going to steal the money to enrich myself when I’m not in any means. Did Hon Lusambo mean that if one is the Republican President then his children should take advantage to amass the wealth?, then our father was old fashioned.

I read what Former Minister Hon Ng’andu Magande said, we are old fashioned men who never stole. In this case either corruption, theft or other means have become the order of governance now. Few months ago I saw a video where a Minister mocked MMD ministers of the poverty they are going through. He mocked by saying “we steal so that our children live better in future”. This was not the case with Dr Kaunda. He respected national property.

My Brother Lusambo, and. Councillor Tasila, I unconditionally apologize for this.


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