KK inherited a vibrant economy but destroyed it

By Wright Musoma

Dr Kaunda should not pretend today like it was only the late Chiluba’s administration alone which supported UNITA in Mozambique because even him had supported Savimbi and UNITA over President Eduardo Do Santos in Angola and Joshua Nkomo in Zimbabwe over Robert Mugabe .

If anything FJT’s administration supported Do Santos more than Savimbi unlike him.

In any case, KK must not pretend like there’s nothing that late Chiluba did in his ten years rule when his achievement are still paying dividends in Zambia today.

Chiluba sold companies? What companies anyway? KK must not lie because those companies he talks about were SIDO which were surviving on govt hand out. Hence, burdening the economy which was stagnant for almost 30 years he was president of Zambia.
It’s just that Zambians are too forgetful and easily deceived or KK could not even open his mouth today because apart from Kaunda destroying the economy of Zambia, he was a dictator just like late Mobutu and Idi Amin among others, who ruled Zambia with an iron fist, the thing he is imparting in president Sata now.
Kaunda unlike Chiluba took over when Zambia’s economy was one of the best not only in Africa, but also in the whole world and the population of Zambia was as small as three million, yet he didn’t do something that a normal person can sing about.
Let me even retaliate by even saying that KK didn’t build and construct all the infrastructures such as schools, roads and hospitals among other thing in Zambia, as widely pot raid.
He also found some roads, clinics and schools like the ones he went to from child hood which were built by our former colonial masters.
Those companies he blames Chiluba for, three quarters of them were long dead way, way back and that’s the many reason people voted him out of power.
Most of the people who were working there, couldn’t even afford to buy a normal pair of shoes, matchless provide three meals for their families.
So if Chiluba cannot be appreciated for turning things around, then he should be appreciated by the fact that he managed to bring down the tyranny. FJT was a great leader and the fact Membe and his minions succeeded in painting him dirt doesn’t mean every Zambian has bought into those cheap lies.
As a matter of fact, even all the millions of our people who were brain washed into thinking that way, are now changing their minds because they have now come to know Membe’s lies even by the way he treats those who refuse to worship him, people like late Anderson Mazoka, FJT, Rupiah Banda, Hakainde  Hichilema. Our people are now very much aware that as far as Membe is concerned, anyone who obeys him is a great and clean person and any one who refuses to go with him, is dirt.
A very good example is late Mwanawasa and Sata himself. As long as these two worked independently, they were fools, thieves and dull, but the moment they bowed down to him, they became great leaders.
So KK can fool the simple but not everyone. Personally I don’t think that KK was a great leader as he is portrayed because he cannot even be compared to Mugabe.
Dr Kaunda shouldn’t fool everyone to support Sata because the great thing president Sata is doing so far, is putting a lot in KK and family’s pockets and that of his friends.
My advise to our first president, Dr Kaunda is that, if he wants us to respect him, let him not reduce himself to a cadre of Sata. But if he continues to lie and force every one to support Sata, he is bringing himself within firing range and he will have himself to blame because some of us we will never be silenced when things are going wrong in our country.
Zambia does not belong to a few individuals only.
Wright Musoma is the  President of Zambia Republic Party ZRP

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