KK not dead, assures government

KK not dead, assures government

Minister of health Chitalu Chilufya has assured the nation that contrary to rumours doing rounds on social media about the death of the country’s first President Kenneth Kaunda, the man is alive but will remain in hospital still undergoing some further check-ups.

Today, Zambia was awash with social media reports of the death of Kaunda following contrasting comments from the government concerning his discharge and the medical position of keeping him longer. But Dr. Chilufya parried the rumour and assured that he was undergoing treatment and improving. He has however not said when he would be discharged.

Liberation leader Kaunda and fondly called KK has been admitted to the University Teaching Hospital since Tuesday and diagnosed with Pneumonia for which he is being treated. His last admission to the UTH was when he suffered a ‘terrible flu’, according to his daughter Cheswa Kaunda.

Initially the government described his illness as a ‘minor ailment’ and assured that he would be discharged the following day but after thorough examinations the doctors attending to him decided that he remains in hospital. A team of medical experts has since been assembled by health minister Dr. Chilufya for the 93 year old and visits to him have been restricted.

Yesterday state house press aide Amos Chanda disclosed that prior to his admission, KK appeared weak and that prompted the minister of health to deploy a specialist medical unit to check on him at his residence. Contrary to what has happened, Chanda also said that KK who ruled Zambia with an iron fist for 27 years before losing power to Fredrick Chiluba in 1991 would be discharged today.

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