KK praises Angola for using oil to benefit all citizens

The former Zambian President, Kenneth David Kaunda, congratulated the Angolan government for using the oil production in a broader way, so as to benefit all population.

Kenneth Kaunda said so to the Angolan press in Lusaka, on the sidelines of the national independence 35th anniversary, to be marked on 11 November.

Kenneth Kaunda spoke about the need for the Angolan government to continue to work in this sense, so that the 100.000 oil barrels per day meet the social necessities of everyone.

According to him, Angola has been an example of what the development of a country should be and everyone is committed to the continuation of the peace achieved in 2002.

Regarding the co-operation between both countries, the former president considered it as good, pointing out as an example the opening of a road that is being built by the Zambian government that will connect Zambia to Angola from the Zambian western side to the Angola Province of Kuando Kubango.

He said that Zambians are very proud for what Angolans have achieved.

Angolan Press Agency

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