KK, RB advise Lungu to deal with Kambwili, Bwalya’s tribalism

KK, RB advise Lungu to deal with Kambwili, Bwalya’s tribalism

kkFormer presidents Kenneth Kaunda and Rupiah Banda have reportedly advised outgoing president Edgar Lungu to deal with the two most tribal elements in his PF, Chishimba Kambwili and Frank Bwalya, the devil.

Lungu is said to be in a fix.

‘Dr. Kaunda is particular saddened by Kambwili’s remarks and urged President Lungu to take action. As I am writing to you, righty now the President is under pressure to discipline Chishimba Kambwili and Father Bwalya, but the challenge is that he fears their backlash which may see him out of State House,’ a source told the Watchdog.

Kambwili is actually boasting that there is nothing Lungu can do to him as he is the one who sanctioned the tribalism project and that Lungu has released money for him to go round the country.

The project for Kawmbili to go round the country was initially for him to preach tribalism especially in the Northern and Eastern parts of the country but this has now been amended to ‘explain government projects’. This means PF MPs and officials around the country do not know government projects and can’t explain them.

The source further said that ‘President Lungu who backed Kambwili’s tribal remarks at first, is now said to be considering dropping him or make a rare cabinet reshuffle in order to give a less visible cabinet position but to completely remove him after elections, if he wins.


The source explained that even if President Lungu has been largely quite over the issue of Kambwili, he has been having sleepless nights as he was told that if the UPND and other political parties use it well, the tribalism issue can back fire against the Patriotic Front no wonder the Head of State is now encouraging PF members to end the tribal talks.


Chishimba Kambwili is very defiant and has been boosting to his friends that there is nothing Edgar Lungu can do against him because he was the one who had sanctioned the meeting to promote tribalism in order to win elections.

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