KK reportedly angry with Sata’s continued playing with his baldhead

KK reportedly angry with Sata’s continued playing with his baldhead

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 16.12.35Former president Kenneth Kaunda is reportedly annoyed with president Michael Sata’s continued behaviour of playing with his baldhead each time they meet.

A source close to Kaunda says the old man is angry that Mr. Sata, a young man to him can be playing with KK’s baldhead, even in public.

“You know, at that age of Kaunda, it is actually him (KK) who should be touching Sata’s head as part of blessings to him. You have seen bashikulu KK touching and seemingly blessing many young people by touching their heads with his white handkerchief. But each time KK appears in public next to ailing dictator Sata, he keeps playing and mocking his bald head, which is really an insult to the old man,” one of Kaunda’s grand children has told the Watchdog.

The source said KK feels depressed with Sata’s actions and may be reluctant to appear in public functions where Sata would be available.

“He is actually considering giving excuses from attending public functions where Sata will officiate because he just keeps mocking him,” sources said.

The latest public humiliation of Kaunda where Sata, who has developed phobia with people with baldheads, started playing with KK’s baldhead is the Labour Day event.

Instead of delivering a keynote speech, Sata was mocking and playing with KK’s baldhead after which he dispersed the workers without saying anything of substance.

The situation was even worse at St. Ignatius Church, during Easter Day players when Sata, who sat next to Kaunda and former president Rupiah Banda, was again playing with KK’s baldhead while telling people that sat next to them “have you seen this bald head, it is a sign of witchcraft. KK ni ndoshi, mwamona lupala ulu, alibapwisha abanankwe bonse, namu kashi wakwe Betty (KK is a with, look at this bald head, he finished all his friends, including the wife Betty) Sata said to the surprise of the people that sat next while the sermon was going on.

Sata’s demons and traditional medicine does not allow people with baldhead, forcing a number of ministers, such as John Phiri (Education Minister) looking scruffy as they try to keep some heir, even when their heads can no longer grow heir.


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