KK saddened with prevailing political situation

First Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda says he is not happy with the Political situation currently prevailing in the Country.

Dr Kaunda told ZANIS in an interview in Kitwe today that if Zambian’s did not check the political hostilities existing among the various political parties the Country would be thrown into chaos.

He said he was saddened with the culture of violence and insults that has characterized Zambian Politics and that there was urgent need to correct the situation.

“If you obey Gods word, preach love and unity all the time you can not begin to beat some body.” Said Dr Kaunda.

He added that peace and unity could only come if people learnt to follow Gods commandments especially loving your neighbor as yourself.

He further said there was no other way to correct the Political hostility prevailing in the Country other than following Gods orders and commandments.

Dr Kaunda was in Kitwe to attend a tree planting exercise for the Rotary club of Kitwe North said Zambians must begin to follow the spirit of brotherly hood to enhance economic development and peace.

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