KK says he was tricked to sign statement questioning credibility of polls

Zambia’s founding President Kenneth Kaunda has retracted a statement attributed to him where he was questioning the credibility of next week’s polls.
KK, who has just returned from Namibia where he was hospitalized says he was tricked into singing the statement by Fred M’membe and Mark Chona, the Watchdog understands. Sources close to the freedom fighter have told the Watchdog that he is bitter as he didn’t really understand what he was signing when it was given to him by Fred M’membe when he went to his house Wednesday afternoon.
Sources say Mark Chona, who has tricked KK before in his life, was at KK’s house the whole of Tuesday discussing elections.
Sources say the statement was drafted by Chona and M’membe.
And KK’s office has refuted the statement saying it was not done by KK.
Chief of staff in the office of the first President Godwin Mfula told reporters in the evening that the letter was circulated by the Post newspaper and was not on the letterhead for the office of the fisrt president.
Mfula also said KK does not use such strong language in his statements. Mfula also cast doubts on the authenticity of the signature on the statement.
Mfula explained that all statements by KK are done in his office but that he did not know about this one.
He also said that KK is still on bed rest and always sedated thereby making him incapable of understanding some issues.
In the earlier statement which he has retracted, KK had said revelations that Universal Print Group the printers of ballot papers for next week’s election has been involved in acts of corruption with Electoral Commission of Zambia officers is a grave indictment on the electoral process.
The statement which KK was coerced to sign stated that the revelation in itself threatens the peace and stability of the country because it undermines the credibility of the electoral process in the eyes of the Zambian people.

The statement said the act breeds justifiable suspicion of possible collusion and electoral malpractices that may lead to the election result not being accepted by both the losers and the winners.

The statement said it is therefore in the interest of everyone that the ECZ rises to the challenge and deal with the complications that have been created by the revelations of the character of UPG to the reasonable satisfaction of all key political players.

It warned that ignoring such a serious problem may prove to be a naive and costly mistake that the country cannot afford.

The statement called upon the ECZ, to act in a way that makes the preservation of peace possible regardless of the outcome of the elections.

It said this will require that the Electoral Commission of Zambia urgently sits with all key political players, including the church, to ensure that this problem is resolved in the best way possible for the country.
KK, as ECZ ambassador for peace is being paid huge sums of money.
The pictures of KK in the newspapers and bill boards are not done free of charge but ECZ is paying him millions of Kwacha.

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