KK says journalists shouldn’t have favourites or enemies

kaundaFirst president Kenneth Kaunda (KK) has advised Zambian journalists and the media in general to have no favourites or enemies in executing their duty.

KK has said that both the public and private media should be allowed to operate independently without influence or intimidation from any quarter.

He was speaking at the occasion to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Zambia Mass communication Trust (ZAMCOM).

KK said editorial comments or opinions of the media should not be biased.

“The media’s role is to inform and entertain the public. In fulfilling its role in dissemination of information, it is important that it does so without fear or favour especially in presentation of editorial” said KK adding that “in this way, the bpublic can be assured of receiving unbiased and uncensored information on many issues including economi, social and political developments.”

He said the entire world believes what the media writes and therefore the need for truthful presentation of information in keeping with journalistic ethics which he said must be held to the highest standard at all times.

KK said that there is need for investigative journalism in order to bring out the truth so that authorities can take action.

He said: ” in order to maintain the highest standards in journalism, the media must strive to be above board especially to guard against  corrupt elements who might wish to buy their favor so that they can report favourably about them or their organisations.”

He said that during elections, its is important that the media gives fair and equal coverage to all the political parties that are contesting whether those parties are in government or in opposition.

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