KK sells Freedom House to Chinese

First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda has sold the building named after him in Lusaka to some Chinese investors in order to pursue the Presidential ambitions for his first born son Panji Kaunda.

According to investigations conducted by the Zambian Watchdog, Kenneth Kaunda with the support of President Sata sold the building formerly known as Freedom House to President Sata’s Chinese friends at undisclosed amount of money.

Investigations conducted reveal that some Chinese contractors have even moved in to modify the building from office use to a hotel.

The Zambian Watchdog can reveal that the Kenneth Kaunda building will now be called Golden Oriental Hotel. The hotel Casino is scheduled to open next month.  A source close to the Kaunda Family has told the Watchdog that KK and Fred Mmembe see Panji as an option in case the Patriotic Front Central Committee does not adopt Winter Kabimba. The source said KK and Fred say in case the PF main financiers refuse to finance Panji’s campaigns, the old man would then use the money from the sale of the building to finance Panji’s campaigns.

This development has however angered UNIP members who think KK is plundering the party’s resources. The source said the account holding the money is being controlled by Tilyenji Kaunda and Njekwa Anamela who is also believed to be Kaunda’s child.

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