KK to remain hospitalised, condition too fragile – doctors  

KK to remain hospitalised, condition too fragile – doctors  

Pneumonia-struck Zambia’s first President Kenneth Kaunda will still need to be admitted to the University Teaching Hospital – UTH because his current condition of Pneumonia doesn’t allow him to receive medicine as an out-patient case.

Kaunda, fondly known as KK was admitted to the country’s highest hospital’s VIP fast track wing on Tuesday evening and yesterday health permanent secretary Chitalu Chilufya described his illness as  ‘minor’ but people close to his office and his treatment team said that the 93 year old liberation leader had initially suffered a terrible flu before being rushed to the hospital.

Yesterday vice President Inonge Wina visited KK and reiterated that he had only a minor illness and that he would be discharged early in the morning today but doctors have said he is too fragile to be discharged. However Gogo Inonge called for prayers for healing of the former head of state.

More investigations have been commenced on Kaunda and the correct position is expected to be established by tomorrow where upon if there isn’t improvement, arrangements to evacuate him have been put in place. It is not likely that he may be discharged tomorrow although there is pressure from government and some close family members to have him treated from home.

Meanwhile visits to the former President have since been restricted and he can only be accessed with permission of the hospital executive director.


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