KK intends to re-marry, family opposes move

KK intends to re-marry, family opposes move

KK serving Mama Betty at his 87th BirthdayChildren of former president Kenneth Kaunda have objected his plan to marry one of his girlfriends Sally Kamanga.

Kaunda’s wife Beatrice Kaweche Banda affectionately known as ‘Mama Betty’ died four months ago on 19 September 2012. She was 84 years old. Mama Betty married Kaunda in 1946.

When Mama Betty was alive, Kaunda projected an image of love and dedication to the public and called Betty the love of his life.  During their wedding anniversaries, he liked to sing to her “Pagan Moon” moving her to tears.

But like in most things, Kaunda was a hypocrite.

Before his children’s tears have dried, he has told them that he wants to re-marry.

His children have fiercely rejected his plans to marry Sally Kamanga who they call a ‘prostitute.’

Sources in the Kaunda family have told the Watchdog that Kaunda’s children all of them above 50; say it’s too early for their father to re-marry after the death of their mother.

The children also fear that Kaunda being old and having been in and out of hospital, his death may not be too far away and their inheritance may go to the ‘prostitute’. Kaunda turned 88 years last April.

It seems despite the ‘happy couple’ and example of a stable family that Kaunda portrayed to the nation, he has been cheating on Mama Betty for more than 40 years with Sally Kamanga.

Mama Betty was confined to their home most of her later life due to an illness. But Kaunda was all over the world especially South African hotels with his love Sally.

Sources tell the Watchdog that even the day Mama Betty died in Zimbabwe; Kaunda was with Sally in South Africa.

Sally Kamanga is a divorcee. She was married to a certain Kamanga who was a noteworthy businessman in the UNIP days.

One story that has being doing the rounds about Kaunda’s relationship with Sally is below:


Former Zambian President Dr.Kenneth David Kaunda, turns 81 next month – April. He is allegedly involved in a love triangle with a Zambian divorcee, thirty years his junior, by the name of Sally Kamanga. Sally who lives in Lusaka and is a well know Business woman and socialite has been Dr.Kaunda’s soul mate for more many years.

The Post newspaper got this story but did not investigate or print it because of the intervention of its editor Fred Meembe.

However this affair is common knowledge in Lusaka circles. The couple is always together in Johannesburg where Dr.Kaunda spends a lot of his time. To avoid being spotted together the couple travel to Johannesburg separately but end up staying in the same hotel, The Don apartments. When staff at The Don apartments began speculating, Dr. Kaunda moved from there. Kaunda’s Indian Business partners rented a private apartment for him and his partner Sally.

To ensure absolute secrecy of this location not even his immediate family members know of this location.

The couple often dines in Johannesburg Restaurants in the company of his Indian Business partners. And they also accompanied him and Sally to various holiday resorts in South Africa. Some shocked Zambians have met the Kaunda entourage at these locations. Even most members of Staff of the Zambian Embassy in South Africa are aware and have witnessed of this affair. At Kaunda’s 80th
Birthday celebrations in Johannesburg, Sally was in attendance. The couple was also spotted together in Cape Town.

In Lusaka he uses his cameraman assistant to drive him to Sally’s residence. The Cameraman also acts as his go between. While in Johannesburg, his Indian Business partners send PTA’s for her travel, provide transport, book holidays and pay for them among other things.

Those close to Dr.Kaunda have warned the Former President of the danger of his now open relationship and urged him to terminate it, but it seems the 80 year old is love struck.

On account of the same relationship, Dr. Kaunda almost got caught up in The Vera Chiluba Triangle, because Vera used to rendezvous with Duncan Mactribouy at Sally’s resident, The same residence frequented by Dr.Kaunda, often meeting Vera at the same premises.



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