Kosovo asks Zambia for recognition

Zambia has been requested to formally recognise the republic of Kosovo.

Kosovo declared itself Independent from Yugoslavia on February 17, 2008. But it is only recognised by 75 countries in the world and in Africa only 11.

James Berisha, a pilot for ‘Flying Kosovo’ landed in Zambia February 27, 2010 and delivered a written request to the Zambian government to recognise his country.

“Our feeling is that we don’t exist in the eyes of Zambia and other African countries but we want to be part of the same family on planet earth. I hope Zambia will soon join the list of African countries which have recognised our independence,” said the Kosovo ‘envoy.’

Kosovo, whose capital is Pristine, is a tiny state in the Balkans. It was established at the collapse of Communist Republic of Yugoslavia, which had very close ties with Zambia under the first republic.

Berisha said in Lusaka that the recognition of Kosovo by Zambia and other a African countries will enable Kosovo to enhance trade, investment and promote cultural exchanges.

In response, Zambia’s foreign affairs minister Kabinga Pande who received the request said the Zambian government will scrutinize the request and put it under security scrutiny.

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