Kr200,000 from Eurobond spent on Crooked ZR boss Attanga’s furnished house

Over Kr200 thousand from the Euro bond has been spent on furnishing the house for PF stooge Zambia Railways crooked Managing Director Muyenga Attanga who was appointed by ailing dictator Michael Sata even before Professor Clive Chirwa was relieved of his duties. As communications PS, he was already part of the Mark Chona led board which has since been dissolved.

The Zambian Watchdog investigations reveal that  Attanga has been getting double pay from April todate even before signing the contract with ZR to show his entitlements as MD.

Kr69, 768.00 net of with holding tax was spent to pay for three months advance rentals for house number 488a/33/M Lake road, Woodlands in Lusaka and household goods worth Kr130,751.50 were purchased from various stores in Lusaka.

The bedroom for Attanga and his wife, Bridget the PF deputy secretary general was equipped with a King size bed, duvets, linen, pillows and other small items from S.L. Limbada, Orca deco, O.K. furniture at a cost of over Kr32,000 whereas as PS at Communications, he only authorised Kr30,000 to be used on purchasing household goods for Prof. Chirwa.

Another Kr46,952.00 was spent on additional furniture from Orca deco with additional Kr36,241 from OK furniture while other small items bought include kitchen and garden utensils.

Attanga was appointed Zambia Railways MD on 22nd April just before Clive Chirwa was suspended and investigations commenced against him. The letter was given to him by dictator Sata.

Here is a list to show how the money was spent:
(i) 1 x Washing machine from Carnival Furnishers –                                   Kr1,899.00
(ii) 1x deep freezer and drying machine from O.K. Furnshers –                 Kr4,598.00
(iii) 1 x water dispenser from Southgate Investments –                               Kr1,300.00
(iv) Duvets and pillows from Orca Deco Limited –                                       Kr780.00
(v) Various beddings from S.L. Limbada –                                                   Kr989.00
(vi) Kingsize bedshhets from Mr. Price –                                                      Kr340.00
(vii) 1 x HD PVR decoder from Multichoice Zambia –                                Kr2,530.00
(viii) 1 x Kitchen bin from Orca Deco Limited –                                           Kr196,00
(ix) Kitchen and garden utensils in Lusaka –                                                Kr1,386.00
(x) Kitchen utensils from S.L. Limbada –                                                      Kr1,566.70
(xi) Kitchen utensils from Mr. Price –                                                             Kr770.00
(xii) Furniture from Orca Deco Limited –                                                      Kr46,952.00
(xiii) Additional furniture (bedroom) from Orca Deco Limited –                Kr29664.00
(xiv) 1 x Coffee table from OK Furniture –                                                   Kr1,899.00
(xv) Assorted goods at Pillar Enterprises-                                                 Kr12,624.00
(xvi) Additional assorted goods from OK Furniture –                                Kr36,241

The house, 488a/33/M has been paid for for three months in advance, with one month security deposit totalling Kr69,768.00.

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