Kunda: appealing in FJT would have been frivolous & vexatious



Vice president George Kunda says the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Chalwe Mchenga should not yield to any force on his refusal to appeal against the acquittal of  Fredrick Chiluba.

And the vice president has said that the media in Zambia has been invaded by quacks who have reduced the profession to instruments of hatred and platform for publishing sedition and insults.

He says Chiluba has received justice and that government is proud of the independence of the judiciary.

He was speaking on Radio Mano in Kasama Tuesday morning.

Kunda said the judgment on Chiluba is sound and said Zambians should respect it.

He said the court that cleared Chiluba was of competent jurisdiction.

He said if the DPP had appealed, it was going to be professional misconduct on his part to appeal on a case that would have failed at High court.

He said that looking at the evidence before court, it would have been vexatious and frivolous to appeal.

On the media, Kunda said the quacks and infiltrators who have invaded the media have lowered the ethical standards of the supposedly noble profession.

He said government is determined to enforce professionalism in the media to the level of doctors and lawyers.

He said the media associations should either sponsor a private members motion in parliament to bring sanity in the media or let government do it for them.

On the NGO bill, the vice president said the civil society should accept the law that regulates their work saying it is meant to promote transparency and accountability.

He accused NGO of buying expensive cars and houses using money meant for projects .

He said under the new law, money intended for the poor will be channeled properly instead of being misappropriated in Lusaka by talkative NGO leaders.

He said the law will make sure that NGO spread their work to Lusaka instead of hotels.

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