Kunda belittles PF’s Mporokoso victory

Vice president George Kunda says the result of the Mporokoso parliamentary bye-election does not mean the MMD will lose the general elections due later this year.
Kunda was speaking in parliament shortly after the election results were announced.
Kunda said his party the MMD is still the best and will retain power. He said in the general elections, his party will be coming out either number one or number in all constituencies across the country. He said since the PF and UPND will feature separate presidential candidates, the MMD will come out victorious.
He said he was happy with his party’s performance in the Mporokoso election saying the people who voted for MMD are many.
He said the margin was too narrow and just shows how the MMD will win in the general elections by putting together such numbers.
In the Mporokoso by-election, PF’s Maynard Misapa got 2,844 votes while MMD’s Dominic Musonda managed to 2,217 votes.

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