Kunda continues attacking HH

Vice President George Kunda has claimed that Hakainde Hachilema will soon be expelled by his party the United party National Democracy (UPND) for his alliance with the Patriot Front (PF) .
Speaking at Livingstone International air port on arrival the vice President said UPND had serious problems under the leadership of Hachilema.
He noted that Hichilema would be replaced by Mazabuka Member of Parliament (MP) Gary Nkombo or Douglas Siakalima.
And the vice president has expressed disappointment at the recent conduct of councilors in Livingstone at the council.
He said he was disappointed with their conduct that led to the suspension of the Livingstone council and observed that the council in Livingstone should be amongst the model councils in the country.
Kunda said there was need to have councilors that could understand the significance of tourism and noted that it was unacceptable to have councilors that were not serious and were not ready to deliver.
The vice president said Livingstone was an important town in Zambia and it was necessary for the councilors to concentrate on developing Livingstone.
And on the NCC Kunda has commended MPs from UPND and PF that were part of the National Constitution Conference (NCC).
He added that the NCC had done close to about 90% of its work and if the Constitution was taken to Parliament, they would enact a good Constitution.
And southern province minister Daniel Munkombwe said the party in the province was getting stronger especially with the formation of the immature alliance of the UPND/PF pact adding the alliance would wok in favour of the MMD as it was a blessing to the party.
He advised people in the party that were spreading lies about individuals in the party to desist from doing so.
He said people should stop from people that were telling lies as the ministers were not interested in listening to your lies but wanted the party to grow.

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