Kunda continues urging HH to ditch Sata

Vice President George Kunda has urged United Party for National Development UPND President Hikainde Hichiliema to consider abandoning the Patriotic Front PF/UPND Pact because of PF leaders incessant attacks on UPND Members of Parliament.

The vice president has also urged other PF/UPND members who were not happy with the happenings in the opposition pact to join the rulling MMD.

Mr. Kunda was speaking in Livingstone . wondered why Mr Hichilema had remained in the pact following the attacks on his MPs by the PF leader recently.

Mr. Sata was recently quoted as saying that UPND MPs attending the National Constitutional Conference were part of plunderers of public funds.

Mr. Kunda described Mr Sata as a sadist, senseless person who has lost direction on the country’s political arena.

He noted that the opposition political parties had nothing to attack government for and had in turn resorted to attacking each other.

Mr. Kunda said that Mr. Sata was very scared of UPND MPs because they were intellectually advanced than himself.

“Sata cannot match with the UPND MPs that are part of the NCC participants because of their intellectual capacity, that is why he and some of his PF MPs have stayed away,” Vice President said.

He said there was decency in the NCC because if this was not so, the conference was not going to intice Mr Hichilema to there and witness part of the voting sessions at the NCC.

“Mr.Sata has lost direction. He is senseless. We even wonder why HH is still in the pact and why he is not defending his MPs that Sata is busy attacking,” Mr. Kunda said.

He said Sata was a sadist who did deserve any vote from the electorates and urged those in the PF/UPND Pact to consider joining the MMD party holds the future of the country’s development.

The vice president was in Livingstone to officially open the Mining Congress at the Sun Hotels.

He was accompanied by Gender Minister, Sara Sayifwanda, Mines Minister, Maxwell Mwale, Deputy Energy Minister Lubinda Imasiku, Deputy Labour Minister, Kachimba, and MMD Deputy National Secretary Chembe Nyangu.


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