Kunda: demonstrating against me not solution

Vice president George Kunda has called on all media bodies in the country to dialogue with government.

Mr. Kunda said the planned demonstration by the media bodies over government’s draft bill is not a solution.
He said it was important for the media bodies to concentrate on producing their self regulatory mechanism.

The Vice President wondered why the media bodies were planning to demonstrate over the bill which is in draft form and not yet law.
Mr. Kunda said the bill was being discussed by government and other stakeholders.

He was speaking to journalists in Lusaka today.

The Vice President noted that government was preparing its own media bill which is an internal matter that is being discussed but that someone leaked the information adding that the document is still classified.

Mr. Kunda stressed that government is entitled to propose its own media bill which will help the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services to have a well developed media bill.

The Vice President said there was no need for people to cause anarchy in the country saying the country needs to have a responsible media.

He urged all the professional bodies to engage government when making bills which affect professionals.

Mr. Kunda has since called on the people of Zambia to use 2010 as a year for reconciliation and for the development of country.

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