Kunda depressed by firing of 150 youths in Mongu

MMD National Youth Chairman Howard Kunda has castigated the PF Government for firing 150 youth in Mongu.

Kunda who is also Member of Parliament for Muchinga, said the unfortunate development is a further indictment of the scale of the deception that the PF Government used to get into power in 2011 on their three pronged political platform agenda of ‘More Jobs, More Money in your Pockets and Less Taxes.’

‘From 2011 to date it has become abundantly clear that the PF Government has no genuine or concrete plan to create Youth employment but used deception to create an impression that they are creating jobs for the youth,’ Kunda said.

Kunda further said the abrupt and unplanned creation of districts countrywide was meant to deceive Zambians once again that the PF is a party of action. He said The PF Government has further sent hundreds of youths to certain districts countrywide employed as fire engine operators when fire engines do not exist in those districts ending up with these youth loitering and languishing but receiving allowances.

‘Most of these programs are neither planned nor budgeted and is the main cause of the current economic problems facing the country,’ Kunda said.
He said the PF Government should be made aware that its key role is not to create jobs but to create a conducive environment for the youth to engage in sustainable wealth creation activities and start their own small businesses, a culture that was introduced by MMD Founding President the late Frederick Chiluba, MHSRIP. The Youth of Zambia should not listen to politicians who will promise them quick jobs, but should analyze every statement and see who will be telling them the truth.

‘The MMD position has always been for entrepreneurship development for every youth because the Zambian youth have an inborn enterprising spirit which if properly harnessed and guided, can result into sustainable wealth creation activities. This can form the foundation of for a new crop of home grown Zambian entrepreneurs and big businessmen and women.

‘This Government has squandered money on the unplanned ‘unprecedented’ projects leaving no money for the jobs offered to the youth in Mongu. This Government has no heart for the youth which, put them in office and no solution for youth unemployment,’ lamented Kunda.

He said the youth of Zambia should now know that the New MMD in government will stand on truth and engage honestly and truthfully with our people. When confronted with difficult decisions we will tell the truth and never make vague or false promises designed to hoodwink, mislead or lie to Zambians as has happened with the current government.

Kunda said the MM will never promise things it cannot deliver.

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