Kunda gives SADC lawyers tips

By Chali Mulenga in Livingstone-Vice president George Kunda has urged lawyers in the SADC region to advise their clients to include clauses in their commercial agreements that disputes should be resolved in the region.

He said if clients of lawyers avoided having settlements in Europe, they would help retain financial resources in the region.

He added that doing so would help the lawyers create work for themselves.

“It would help them retain financial resources in the region and save costs for their clients”, he said.

He called upon lawyers in the region to sharpen their skills and urged them to share knowledge.

He observed that it was unfortunate the legal system in the SADC region was far from being harmonized.

He said that it was sad that lawyers in the region were not able to practice across borders.

The vice president advised lawyers in the SADC region to work towards harmonizing the legal system in the region.

The vice president urged the lawyers to learn from their colleagues from East Africa that were working to together.

He noted that following bilateral discussions between Kenya and Botswana had been scraped permits partners.

He stressed that there was need for the lawyers to learn on how their colleagues from east Africa had managed to implement the practice.

He was speaking during the official opening of the 10th SADC lawyers conference in Livingstone at Zambezi sun today.

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