Kunda has a shallow mind, says Sata

Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata has charged that vice president George Kunda is immature and has a shallow mind.

Sata says Kunda’s accusations during a press briefing yesterday that the Law Association of Zambia appears to have formed an alliance with the UPND -PF Pact in calling for the resignation of Director of Public Prosecutions Chalwe Mchenga amounts to shallow thinking on his part which should not be tolerated.

According to Sata, during the 2008 presidential petition, LAZ president Stephen Lungu who is now being criticized by the vice president was one of those people who represented president Rupiah Banda in the matter.

Sata said is was now surprising that when the Law Association of Zambia chose to perform its duties professionally, Kunda wants to intimidate the association by linking it to the UPND-PF Pact.

Sata said Kunda knows very well that the Law Association of Zambia is right on the issue of the DPP but that he deliberately wants to mislead the nation simply to please president Rupiah Banda.

Sata has maintained that DPP Mchenga should resign from his positions.

during a media briefing at his office on Friday, Vice president George Kunda accused the Law Association of Zambia of behaving as though it has formed an alliance with the PF/UPND Pact.

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